Based in the UK and Ireland, Matthew has been an in-demand sideman, consistently performing with exciting musical acts.

Touring with George Ezra



Available for remote recording

“This guy can play his ass off” Paul Sanchez (musician for HBO series ‘Treme’)

“A beautiful sweet tone” Darrel Hunt (Bass player for The Pogues)





Matt Benson Music

Jessica Lauren - Keys

Phil Stevenson - Guitar

Roy Pfeffer - Drums

Matt Benson - Vocal and Trombone

(Song originally written by Michael Price and Dan Walsh, and originally recorded by Bobby Bland)



It all started when…

A fire broke out in Matthews dad’s music shop in Belfast. A trombone was found on the top floor, still in working order despite the black plastic case melting onto the instrument. The instrument played beautifully and at 10 years old Matthew started trombone lessons and has never looked back…

Matthew began performing with New Orleans style brass band ‘Brassroots’ in 2010 during his studies of jazz trombone at Trinity College of Music, London. This led to recording on the Balkan/Ska number one single ‘BomBom’ with ‘Sam and the Womp’ in 2012. In 2013-2016, Matthew joined New Orleans Virtuoso Pianist Dom Pipkin to play in his band ‘The Ikos’, later touring with Ska band ‘Bad Manners’ in 2015-2017. Other notable recording/performance credits include The Pogues, Amelia Warner (Slow Moving Millie), Jamie Lenman,  drummer from The Meters Zigaboo Modeleste & Coolio.

Matthew has been touring with George Ezra since May 2017.